You’re Fried, But You Can’t Give Up.

Give Yourself the Support You Need
to Keep Fighting the Good Fight

Therapy for Activists in Long Beach, CA

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You knew it would be hard.

No one chooses activism because they think it will be easy. You chose it because you feel compelled to right the wrongs you see in the world.

And at some point, reality hits – you’re exhausted.

Though the need is more pressing than ever, you’re feeling tapped out.

Your body is sore from marching, your head foggy from staying up late doing research. Everything feels so heavy. You’d love to just stay in bed, but your conscience won’t let you ignore the call.

You started with the energy and the will to make a difference.

The amount of work ahead is daunting. There’s so much against you and so much relentless drudgery to push through. “Is it making a difference?”

How much longer can you swim upstream? Sometimes you wish you didn’t care so much.

You know what you are supposed to do to get your energy back – eat better, sleep more, exercise more, but you don’t have the power anymore. It’s just making your to-do list longer!

You’re starting to feel less effective. Running on fumes, you’re wondering if you chose the wrong hill to die on – but you didn’t volunteer to die on any hill. Did you?

Find the resilience to keep up the fight.

You need a breather – and that’s okay. Find your spark again so you can fight for your cause but not die on the hill, the sidewalk, or anywhere else.

Let’s take care of you for a moment so you can have the energy left over to make a change in the world. (Let’s face it. You’re no good to anyone completely spent from the effort).

We’ll find what’s working for you and what’s getting in the way in a supportive space.

With creativity and effectiveness, we’ll find the fuel for your ambitions (no matter how big) and give you the deep support required to achieve your big dreams for the world.

You don’t have to change the world all by yourself.

These efforts are not in vain. You ARE changing the world for the better with your convictions and passion. But you and I both know it doesn’t happen overnight.

So, you can’t sacrifice everything to do it. We need you strong!

Give yourself the support that you deserve and feel the difference that makes all the difference.

Let me be part of your community and help you to continually orient toward that brighter future you hold in your heart.

This is our time.

Reclaim your energy and renew your passion.

The world needs you at your best. Pick up the phone, and let’s unlock your resilience.

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