A person in a fishing hat sitting by a lake at sunset.

Individual Therapy

A silhouetted figure walking on a foggy shore.“Hello darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.”

You thought your future would be brighter.

You took all the recommended steps. You jumped through the hoops. You thought you did everything you were supposed to.

But rather than finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you often feel disconnected… numb.

And that’s better than the times when tears come out of nowhere, or you can’t stop the thoughts that send you into a panic.

You thought you could keep feeling your way through the dark…

You’re smart and creative. Surely you can figure this out.

A hand with fingers spread against the shining sun.There must be a light switch somewhere.

Individual therapy can light the candle that helps you find the light switch. And then maybe you can step out of the dark house altogether.

You don’t need to know where to start. With guidance and acceptance from me, you can make your way through the gloom and start shining a soft, warm light on you.

Therapy gives you a safe space to explore without judgment. To find out why you do what you do. To find out what you really need and want.

When you start to understand why you’ve always done X, you get some freedom to choose Y.

When you know why you get stuck in the same emotions over and over, you can start exploring different feelings.

When you understand why you believed those self-defeating habits served you, you can find new healthier habits.

And then you find it’s a sunny day.

From exploration and trying new things, you can move on to integrating what works. New, healthy patterns, habits, and thoughts emerge.

The darkness, pain, and stuckness now feel light, hopeful, and fluid.

And then we’ll know our journey together has come to a close.

Reach out today to start that journey! (562) 548-8999