Outdoor Therapy

“Many of us have become alienated from the Earth. We are lost, isolated and lonely. We work too hard, our lives are too busy, and we are restless and distracted, losing ourselves in consumption. But the Earth is always there for us, offering everything we need for nourishment and healing. We need to wake up and fall in love with the Earth.”
–Thich Nhat Hanh

When did life become such a blur?

You wake up…

Get ready for the day…

Go to work or manage a home…

Toil away the best hours of the day…

Eat dinner…

Collapse in front of the TV…

Play mindlessly on your phone…

Go to sleep, and…


Isn’t there supposed to be more than that?

When you do slow down enough to check in with yourself…

You often don’t like what you feel.

Are you bored? Anxious? Sad? Why does it feel so uncomfortable just to slow down?

Why do you automatically want to reach for a snack, play a video game, or scroll through social media?

You thought you wanted more free time to do the projects you care about or tend to your relationships or to read that book. But when you have the time, you just want to numb out.

It’s easier just to stay on the treadmill!

Have you ever noticed that being in nature is an antidote to all this?

Nature invites us into mindfulness. When we pay attention to what is around us in the natural world, we find ourselves slowing down. We find ourselves more playful and less overwhelmed.

Nature inspires awe – even in something as simple as a seedling breaking through the ground.

Nature speaks to us in metaphors that help us unlock the mysteries of why we live the way we live.

And sometimes, we need a little help making all those connections.

When you join me on an outdoor therapy session…

I will help you tune in to the powerful healing properties of nature. I’ll help you let go of the buzzy, distracted feeling and find a deep connection.

We are not disconnected islands. So many of our problems come from thinking we are separate. I will help you find ways to melt away that feeling of separation.

Some of my clients do most of their work outside. We may meet in the wetlands, in a nature center, or on the beach, focusing our activities connecting to our environment.

Other clients use outdoor sessions as a sprinkle of flavor in their in-office therapy routine.

And some clients like to meet at the office and do walk-and-talk therapy to get their bodies moving in sync with the inner movement you’ll experience in therapy.

Whatever your needs, we can make outdoor time work with your therapy goals. When you finish, you’ll have new ways of connecting to nature for relief from your hectic routines. You will feel less alone as you take your rightful place in the intricate web of life on our planet.

Join me for a breath of fresh air!

You can find that connection again. If you are ready to get off that island of isolation and disconnection, I’ll throw you a life raft.

Call for a free consultation to see if I can help you find what you are longing for: (562) 548-8999.